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An Extension of Your Recruitment Team

Insourced Talent Acquisition Solutions

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How Does It Work?

TPD becomes YOUR internal recruiting function through a membership-based service that aims to reduce your cost and time to hire while driving cultural fit. It's the marriage of expert recruiters, a proven process, and talent management technology that aligns with your business strategy. We enhance your employer brand through a seamless candidate experience and exposure for your organization.

01ScopeTPD identifies what success looks like in a role. TPD aligns your recruitment strategy to filter for culture fit. We check the pulse of your target candidate market. You receive a stellar role scorecard and recruitment strategy.

02Spread The WordSharing begins with a compelling job listing published to your career site and job boards, but traditional advertising reaches only 20% of the workforce. TPD broadens your reach with a social media strategy to grow your candidate collective.

03SearchWhat about those candidates who still don’t see your ads? Through our extended and subscribed networks, TPD does the extra prodding. We entice those who may not be looking, but bring the unique skills and experience you’re looking for!

04ScreenWe assess skills and experience to do the job. With a paramount focus on organization fit – we go beyond the resume and collect deeper insights, reasons for leaving, manager ratings, skill assessments, and more.

05Top SelectionsTPD presents only the 3-7 best with everything you need to know from our comprehensive screening. We help plan a behavioral interview focused on cultural fit, so you execute for success.

06HireYou’re armed with reference feedback and a chance to see your top picks in action before decision time! Once your decision is made, we help you land an acceptance through expert offer management.

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10 to 14

Recruits Per Year


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Recruits Per Year

All Membership Packages Include

  • Preferred Hourly Recruiting Rates
  • TPD HR Hotline Suscriptions
  • Training and interview guides for hiring managers
  • TPD's exclusive candidate network and external subscription based networks
  • HR technology training
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