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Partner With One of the Top Staffing Agencies in Oregon

Whether you’re in Portland, Salem, Eugene, or anywhere in between, we’ve got the talent you need, when you need it. TPD offers flexible, scalable, temporary staffing to meet your company's changing needs.


Help your organization stay agile, maintain a competitive advantage, and quickly gain access to skilled candidates with TPD's effective recruiting services.

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Why Choose TPD Over Other Staffing Agencies in Oregon?



Working with TPD means you get access to top talent for your temporary staffing needs.

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We understand how to deliver staffing services in Oregon. Access our diverse talent network and deep staffing industry experience.

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Protect your HR investment through the best guarantee in the staffing industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all temporary staff supplied by TPD qualified?

Yes! We verify candidate credentials and facilitate certifications required by your workplace, including safety certifications and drug screening.


Which industries in Oregon does TPD provide temporary staff to?

TPD works with companies across a wide range of industries, but we’re especially good at providing staffing services to semiconductor, production & manufacturing and warehouse & logistics firms.


What's the turnaround time on requests for temporary staff?

Turnaround times vary by position and number of staff requested. However, we are committed to providing the right temporary staffing solution quickly and efficiently. Contact one of our representatives directly for a quote!


Do you provide temp staffing solutions in Portland?

Yes! TPD is one of the leading providers of temporary staffing in Portland and other major cities across Oregon, including Salem, Eugene, as well as Vancouver in Washington. Our deep understanding of the local labor market and extensive talent network enable us to quickly provide qualified staff.