Temp-To-Hire Staffing Solutions

While having a great interview process can help you get a strong understanding of your future employee you can't confirm it they will be a great fit with the right skills until they have spent some time in your company.

Temp-to-hire allows employers the opportunity to evaluate an employee’s performance before making a final hiring decision, ensuring the new hire is a good fit with the current team, culture, and day to day responsibilities.

Together, we’ll establish an agreed-upon time frame for you to evaluate each candidate on the job, and we will retain the individual on our payroll during that time.

We can help you find the right person or simply payroll a candidate you want to evaluate.

Temp-To-Hire Benefits include:

  • Both parties can evaluate fit before a long-term agreement is signed
  • Probationary period is extended as we are the employer of record during the evaluation period
  • We can can find, screen and hire candidates as well as find them a new position if they don't end up fitting in with your company

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