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Temporary Staffing Solutions

Let’s face it, being short staffed is never good for your business.

If an employee quits without notice, calls in sick, goes on vacation, or simply hasn’t lived up to your expectations, it can stifle productivity, efficiency, and cause a setback to your business.

Of course, it's not always bad news that can lead to staffing shortages - if your business is seasonal or receives an unexpected increase in demand, managers and teams find themselves scrambling to add capacity.

When staffing shortages happen, it puts a high level of stress on leadership as well as unnecessary pressure on your existing staff, which is why using temporary staffing services may be the right solution for your business.

Having qualified temporary staff available at a moment’s notice can help significantly reduce the burden on your team which in turn will benefit your entire organization.

At TPD, we understand that your staffing needs are constantly changing. For this reason, we provide customized, cost-effective staffing solutions designed to meet your dynamic business needs.

We can help you:

  • Minimize Onboarding Legwork – All TPD temporary staff are pre-screened, interviewed, skill assessed, and reference checked before we send them to you.
  • Reduce Hiring Risks – Our focus is quality, so we always make sure to only send you the most qualified and reliable staff. 
  • Get Staff Fast – Our service guarantees a fast response to your staffing needs. We are committed to confirming staff: 
      Within 30 minutes for same day orders
      Within 60 minutes for next day orders
      All future orders are agreed upon with you.

Let us help you minimize the impact of change. Contact us today to speak to one of our Workforce Experts.

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