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Reference Checking

A Critical Step in the Hiring Process

Simple and Thorough Candidate Reference Check Service


Submit candidate contact information.


TPD reviews candidate career history and gets in touch with candidate.


TPD provides employer with thorough review of reference check.

Submit Reference Check Request

References are time consuming and require training and expertise to uncover the pertinent information.

Allow TPD to take this task off your hands. Our commitment to you is:

  • We go beyond a standard set of questions, our team is trained to interpret tone rather than just words, identify inconsistencies and probe to further explore potential red flags.
  • TPD requests a candidate provide contact information for each and every one of their previous 4 supervisors. We will conduct the number of references you requested for each candidate, starting with their most recent employer and working backwards chronologically. References will be vetted based on the resume you provide, if a candidate fails to provide a reference from one of their most recent 4 employers you will receive a warning.
  • We guarantee a response time of 2 business days.

*Contact TPD for custom packages based on volume

Service Options

STANDARD - $50 per check

Covering 16 points of inquiry, we make one call to the referee on your behalf, and if we have to leave a voicemail we provide the option for the referee to call back, or submit an eReference form to facilitate a quicker response.


Covering 22 points of inquiry, we make multiple attempts if required to engage the referee in a dialog about your potential hires performance on the job. You tell us the field of work, and we will even make discipline specific inquires.


Our most comprehensive check, we will consult with you on our approach upon receiving your request so that we can inquire about the specific competencies you need your next new executive team member to exhibit. We recommend employing a 360° approach with a minimum of 6 references per candidate.