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Yes , I want to Say Bye Bye to high Dollar Placement Fees And I Am Ready To Take Back My Inbox! 

That is great news! You are one step closer to updating and streamlining your current recruiting process -  Saving you time, money and improving your employer brand.

If this model is right for you and you become part of our  Beta Test group you will receive exclusive access to our significantly reduced introductory package that will help you:

  • Cut your time to hire by over 25%
  • Increase your job traffic by 500%
  • Reduce your time in email by 70%
  • Reduce your hiring tasks by 50%
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"Working with TPD, things just get done. They are experts in the field and have a finger on the pulse of what’s been tried and what works. We don’t have to learn those lessons the hard way." 

Elaine Chong, Associate, AES Engineering Ltd.

"It was a strategic decision to “in source” our HR department and the results have surpassed our expectations. The TPD team delivered value day one and thebenefits of their flexible and scalable resources enabled Elastic Path to quickly, and cost effectively, implement HR best practices across the company."

Brenton Brown, CFO, Elastic Path Software Inc.
"During a recent audit we have achieved the highest rating in the country at 99.1%. We would like to thank your company for assisting in this amazing score, we are grateful for all your hard work in helping us with this years audit!"


Cindy, Warehouse Manager, Consumer Goods