Find Gaps In Compliance

According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) 89,385 charges were recently filed against employers. 

Many employers are unaware that their policies and processes are not compliant with local and federal laws until it is too late.

Don't become a statistic, we can audit your current HR practices to uncover gaps in compliance, determine if your HR practices are effective and provide insight into your employees level of engagement.

Our non-invasive, personal approach not only uncovers gaps, it provides recommended solutions. During our process we will:

  • Discover - TPD will discuss your current situation then provide an outline of documents, programs, and processes that will be included in the review.
  • Engage - TPD will engage with key stakeholders (via virtual and/or in-person meetings) to understand internal perspectives on organizational practices, pain points, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Analyze -TPD's team of HR experts will review the documents, data and insights provided by the organization and its stakeholders to interpret findings. We will then compare our findings with best practices.
  • Deliver - TPD will deliver your organization its TPD HR SmartScan Report that identifies gaps, risks, and opportunities to impact your business through enhanced HR practices and processes.
Get actionable intelligence that positively impacts your business results and employee retention today! Contact us for a free consultation.