Contractors and Project Work 

There may be times when you require a specialized skill set, hiring flexibility or short-term workers. The process of managing, hiring and payrolling these contract workers can be difficult to navigate due to ambiguous, yet strict nature of employment and taxation laws.

If employees are incorrectly classified you risk heavy fines and tax penalties. 

We can help you take the risk out of hiring contractors and project workers by becoming the employer of record, protecting you against tax violations and employer-related issues.

Additionally, we can provide your contractors with vacation pay, regular income and benefits making your offer of employment very attractive. 

Utilizing TPD's Contractor Services helps you:

  • Ensure compliance and minimize employment related risk
  • Reduce administrative burden with our pay for what you need model
  • Streamline your processes and operational efficiencies
  • Combine everything from Onboarding, Vacation Pay, Health Benefits and Holiday Accrual in a simple easy to pay fee structure. 

Take the risk out of hiring. Contact us today to speak to one of our Workforce Experts.