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TPD HR experts have developed a suite of tools to help you manage your greatest asset, your people.

freeproduct-125x125TPD Blog  

TPD's blog is filled with articles and resources designed to help you increase employee engagement, manage your teams performance and more...



freeproduct-125x125Performance Measurement & Management Guidebook

 Your organization should have performance standards and expectations that are well understood by all employees! 



freeproduct-125x125Policy Manual Cheat Sheet

Having a clear and comprehensive Policy Manual will ensure your employees understand your expectations, and will help your business avoid costly legal issues.




freeproduct-125x125Employee Agreement Checklist

Everything from pay periods and deducations through to the company's Privacy Policy needs to be included.  

Missing important information can leave your organization open to costly lawsuits and unclear employee expectations.




Employer Branding 101

The importance of employer branding cannot be overstated. By telling the world about your organization’s culture and values, you will attract and retain the right talent....




Real Cost of Hiring Worksheet

Studies show that it can cost up to 18 months’ salary to lose and replace a manager or professional and up to six months’ salary to lose and replace an hourly employee. Taking into ...




Interview Guidebook

For employers who are looking to hire, the interviewing phase can provide major insight into a candidate’s fit with company culture. In this phase, the goal is to get a better understanding of ...




SMART Goals Worksheet

The key to quantifying success is to have SMART goals.  SMART goals are: Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic Time Bound This worksheet will help you to ensure that you are setting yourself ...



Human Resources Cycle E-Book

While everyone is watching the bottom line these days, organizations cannot forget about their people. People are the most important asset to any organization. As we know, it is getting harder to ...



The Cost of Absenteeism

Absenteeism puts pressure on co-workers, unexpectedly taking them away from their regular duties, which lowers office morale and costs the organization directly in lost productivity and ...




Employee Hiring Checklist

It is important to follow a fair hiring process when filling positions.  This is not only to ensure that you hire only the most qualified individual, but also to ensure that all employees and ...




Employee Departure Checklist

It’s important to have a process for outplacement in place in your organization for employees departures.  This checklist will help you to ensure that all of your bases are covered when an ...




BYOD Policy Checklist

It’s important to have a BYOD policy in place in your organization if there is any chance that your employees may use their own personal devices for business use.  It is imperative that ...




Living Wage is  the hourly wage that is required to be earned, for a family of four with both parents working, to pay for basic living expenses and stay out of poverty. It is estimated that 25% ...



The Performance Review Program Guidebook includes: Performance reviews for your employees – quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Performance Review Template – includes a ...